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Skoda Service and Repair Perth

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30 years Servicing European Cars

West Leederville Autos Service and Repair
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What we do

Breaks Service and Repair

Tyre Replacement and check

Timing Belt Service and Repair

Cooling System Service and Repair

Transmission Service and Repair

Accurate Wheel Alignment

Suspensions Service and Repair

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Skoda Service and Repair

Skoda Service and Repair Perth

At West Leederville Autos we have been qualified to undertake your Skoda service at dealer level.

We are fully equipped with the latest diagnostic tools to carry out the following for your vehicle including but not limited to your SKODA Log Book Servicing.



Skoda Maintenance and Repair

Brake Repairs

Transmission Repairs

Suspension Repairs


Timing Belt/Chain

Cooling System Repairs

Tyres and Wheel Alignment

Skoda Repair and Service in Perth

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