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Brakes Frequently Asked Questions

How long do car brakes last?

Depending on driving conditions, Volkswagen brakes can last anywhere from 40k to 100k.

Which car brakes are the best?

OE (Original Equipment) brake parts are often the best, because they have been designed for a particular vehicle.

What causes brakes to squeak?

A frequency caused from the contact of the brake pads with the rotors is responsible for noisy brakes. OE (Original Equipment) brake parts in combination with correct fitment should not cause noisy brakes.

Also, brakes due for replacement can be squeaky or simply noisy.

Why do car brakes squeak or make noise?

Sometimes the use of inferior or wrong type of brakes is the cause.

Are car brakes covered under warranty?

The most common reason to replace brake parts is wear and tear and is not covered under new car warranty.

Can car brakes fail and stop working?

Not if the vehicle is maintained properly.

Where to change brakes?

At West Leederville Autos! Make sure to get your brakes inspected and replaced by an authorised and licensed service centre.


Our Team of Experienced and Qualified Automotive Technicians will look after your Vehicle and make sure it receives the best of care.


Our great customer service makes of West Leederville Autos a prefered service centre for all Volkswagen drivers in Perth.

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